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SCCA 2005 AGM Convention

Port Stanley Festival Theatre

Port Stanley, Ontario, September 23rd - 25th

    Some information about conventions was announced early, and isn’t subject to change, but some things are always in flux up to the last minute. There won’t be another issue of PANORAMA before the Convention, so we weren’t able to give you on those pages all the latest information as it develops, but we have put this article (with more information) here on the web site, and will keep posting updates as changes and additions are available, right up to the weekend of the convention.

  The Venue
Map of Location  
   As we have already described in the Spring Issue of PANORAMA, Port Stanley is a quiet little harbour and resort town on the shores of Lake Erie, in Elgin County. For more information we refer you to .


All convention activities will take place at the 140 seat  Port Stanley Festival Theatre,
 300 Bridge Street, at the East end of the bridge.  


If you happen to be a fan of Bed and Breakfasts, then you’re in luck, and Port Stanley is an ideal town for you! Aside from the privately owned and rental cottages , most visitors to Port Stanley (from this point on we’ll follow the local custom – apparently of every place with Port in its name, and refer to it simply as “Port”) make reservations at one of the many Bed and Breakfast establishments in and around town .

There are also three very nice inns; Inn On The Harbour (519-782-7623  , Kettle Creek Inn (1-866-414-0417 ) and The Windjammer Inn (519- 782-4173 ).

If B & B’s aren’t your cup of tea, and the inns are too rich for your blood, then you have a problem! There are no hotels and only one motel in town, Twin Peaks, (519-782-3226) with two rooms!

There are three modest motels, the New Elgin Motel (519-633-0580), the Cardinal Courts Motel (519-633-0740), and the St. Thomas Motel (519-631-7499), all about 17 kilometers (11 miles) from Port Stanley on the road between St. Thomas and Hwy 401. there’s also a Best Western (1-888-471-2378) at Hwy 401, and three more, the Ramada Inn (1-877-257-1773), Glen Haven Motel & Restaurant (519-637-1562) and the Comfort Inn, in St. Thomas.

Of course, there are many accommodations available along Hwy 401 and in London and its environs, but it does turn you into a commuter, and steals time from your leisurely vacation that was one of the main reasons for our picking Port at the end of the tourist season.

One final option is to rent a cottage, or share a cottage with someone else you know who will be coming to the convention. Have a look at . These cottages are all owned by one couple, and they’ve agreed to a special weekend rate for us for two or three nights, but please make your reservation soon, and be sure to tell them that you are attending the SCCA Convention.


Harbourview RoomThe Program will begin on Friday, at 1:00 PM, with the opening of the Registration Desk in the Harbourview Room with coffee as you check in, and be followed with the introduction of the first Speaker at 1:30 in the Festival Theatre. The afternoon Program will adjourn at 5:00 PM, and Delegates will be at liberty for Supper. There are several convenient places to eat in the immediate vicinity of the Festival Theatre, including one, the Roxy Diner, right across the street.

Festival Theatre Exterior 
  At 7:00 PM we will reconvene for the Evening Program, which will consist of a Screening of the Winning Videos from the SCCA 2005 Annual Competition, and the Presentation of Awards to those winners who are present. We expect to conclude the evening program by approximately 9:00 PM.

Saturday’s Program will begin with coffee served on arrival at 9:30 and we will enter to theatre at 10:00 for a Program including Speakers and the Annual General Meeting.Interior of Theatre We’ll adjourn at 11:30 for Lunch and reconvene at 1:00 PM for the afternoon Program. At 5:00 PM we’ll break for Supper. Those who wish can meet at the Port Stanley Wharf overlooking the Harbour, right behind the Festival Theatre, for a Buffet Supper ($25.94, including Taxes and Tip, paid at the restaurant). Those who choose otherwise can eat wherever they wish.

At 7:30 PM we’ll return to the Festival Theatre for the Canadian International Annual Film Festival, for which we will also be selling tickets in advance to the local inhabitants of Port Stanley, St. Thomas, and London.

On Sunday morning we’ll again open at 9:30 AM with coffee in the Harbourview Room, and 10:00 AM in the theatre for the remainder of the Program. We’ll adjourn in time to allow everyone to get lunch on their own and still leave time for those of us who wish to board the Port Stanley Terminal Railway ($11.00 pr person) by 1:00 PM for the ride to Whytes and back to Port.


Mark Bochsler

Mark Bochsler   Mark Bochsler, 38, is a Toronto-based documentary cameraman and filmmaker. Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, he was introduced to image making at the age of 12 by his father, a photographer. In junior high, Bochsler discovered video and sought every opportunity to shoot throughout these formative years.

In 1988, he received a college diploma in Broadcast Journalism followed by a Political Science degree in 1995. With his formal education behind him, he spent the remainder of his 20’s overseas, working primarily in photography and video production shooting travel features on The Mayan Ruins of Tulum, The Cayman Islands and The Panama Canal for Carnival Cruise Lines, Miami. Returning to Canada for a staff producer/director position at a community television station in his hometown, Bochsler produced three two-hour event mobiles while running four weekly live call-in shows.

Attracted increasingly to the art and craft of cinematography, he ventured into the Toronto film scene. He cut his teeth as a grip and lighting technician on the union sets of the X-Men, Urban Legend, Death to Smoochie, K-19: The Widowmaker, Chicago and Earth: Final Conflict to name a few. He discovered the independent film community; one of Canada’s incubators for up and coming talent and within a few years had gained a strong reputation as a creative, resourceful and solution-minded Gaffer (chief lighting technician). He headed up a commercial and music video lighting crew and gained regular employment from Canada’s largest commercial film house, The Partner’s Film Company.

Lighting for television, he also crewed on CBC Television’s Rick Mercer’s Monday Report, The Red Green Show, and Royal Canadian Air Farce.

Maintaining a passion for documentaries and the human experience, Bochsler co-habitated an abandoned grain storage complex for 3 months to shoot and direct “Squat” (1997) a film about a group of free-living Toronto squeegee kids. A year later, he was on the frigid winter streets of Montreal to make “Metro Ticket or Change” (1998), a short doc on a Montreal street junkie. He is in current production on a feature-length independent that will take him to Europe and Mexico in the Fall of 2006.

As a cameraman, Bochsler has lensed 9 independent documentaries and was picked up by The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (both English & French television networks) in the fall of 2003. Today he is an “A-list” shooter for CBC Television News “The National”, providing exclusive images of the recent Live 8 Concert, Canada and CBC’s in-depth coverage of the Air France flight 358 crash at Toronto Pearson Airport.

He has maintained a fine art interest in photography and plans to exhibit his work at the 2006 Contact Photography Festival, Toronto.

Mark Bochsler
Director of Photography / Camera Operator


2005 Official Selection ImagineNative Aborginal Film Festival, Toronto “The Winter Chill”
2005 Official Selection American Indian Film Festival, San Francisco “The Winter Chill”
2005 Official Selection Festival des Film du  Monde, Montreal “The Red Circle”

Selected Production Credits:

A Love Like Poison                                                 10-minute dramatic short                       DIR: Steven Radonjic
Stirring Image Entertainment 2006                         DOP/Operator                                          PROD: Steven Radonjic

High Stakes                                                              15-minute dramatic short                       DIR: Steven Radonjic
Stirring Image Entertainment 2006                         DOP/Operator                                          PROD: Steven Radonjic

Bad Cop, No Donut                                                  50-minute feature documentary             DIR: Dionne Renee
Ready 2 Film Productions 2005                              DOP/Operator                                          PROD: Anastasia Vasko

Lela’s Quest                                                             50-minute feature documentary             DIR:  Mark Bochsler
Cineboxx Entertainment 2005                                  DOP/Director                                            PROD:  Beatrice Politi

The Winter Chill                                                     30-minute short dramatic                         DIR:  Paul Rickard
Alchemist Films 2005                                                DOP / Operator                                         PROD:  Daniele Roebach

The Red Circle                                                         40-minute dramatic short                         DIR:  Darren Kaulback
Northern Quest Entertainment 2005                       DOP/Operator                                           PROD:  Marjonneke

Good Cookin’                                                             10-minute short dramatic                         DIR:  James Morrison
Auraseer Entertainment 2004                                   DOP/Operator                                           PROD: Arnold Mars

Damaged Goods                                                         50-minute documentary                           DIR:  Mark Bochsler
Cineboxx Entertainment 2004                                   DOP/Director                                             PROD: Bert Mertelsen

The Steps of John Broom                                        50-minute documentary                            DIR:  Alan Gough
Ragtop Productions 2003                                         Director of Photography                           PROD: Kaaryn Gough

To Morden With Love                                               30-minute biography                                DIR:  Alain Gough
Ragtop Productions 2003                                         Director of Photography                          PROD:  Kaaryn Gough

Metro Ticket or Change                                          30-minute documentary                           DIR:  Mark Bochsler
Cineboxx Entertainment 1999                                    DOP/Director                                            PROD:  Josef Pandur

The Squat                                                                    50-minute documentary                           DIR:  Mark Bochsler
Relativity Film Company 1997                                  DOP/Co-Director                                       PROD:  Josef Pandur

Panama: Return Passage                                         50-minute documentary                            DIR: Michael Conway
Carnival Cruise Lines 1995                                        DOP/Operator                                            PROD: Bob Woodry

Randy Butcher


   Randy Butcher is a screenwriter, producer, film director, stunt coordinator, stuntman and actor. Those who attended the 1997 SCCA Convention in Kitchener will remember him as a spellbinding Speaker, too. At that time Randy’s wife Rhonda was also in the stunting business. Now they are joined in the company business, Reel Stunts Production, by their son Andrew and daughters Kristin and Randi-Lee!

Randy’s personal credits as a stunt coordinator, as a stunt performer, and as an actor include so many films, television series, specials, and commercials that the list can’t be printed here, but you can find it at . His career to date has spanned twenty-three years, so his wide experience in various aspects of film production coupled with his speaking ability make him an exceptional speaker.

John Challinor

   [image]John B. Challinor II APR is General Manager, Advertising & Corporate Communications, Sony of Canada Ltd. He also serves the Company as a member of its Operating Committee and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Sony brand in Canada, including advertising, corporate sponsorships, corporate philanthropy and public affairs.

Mr. Challinor joined Sony in July 2003 in his current position, bringing 20 years of Canadian and worldwide consumer and commercial technology experience to the role. Prior to joining the Company, he had served in a number of senior marketing and public affairs roles with industry leaders such as Amdahl Canada Limited, Compaq Canada Corporation and IBM Canada Limited. He began his career as a newspaper and television reporter and editor in the Southern Ontario market.

John will present an overview of High Definition Video products that is now available and coming soon for the videomaker, and he will be bringing two HDTV camcorders, the HDR-FX1 and the HDR-HC1.

    HDR-FX1        HDR-HC1

John Conley

    John Conley, a Retired Assistant Director of Training for the London Fire Department, has studied at York University, the University of Cincinnati, St. Francis Xavier University, and the Ontario Fire College.

John has also studied Piano and Accordion, and plays horns as well as keyboards. For over 10 years he has used a computer to produce background music, and has played as an amateur in a number of groups, playing everything from country music to jazz.

  John was instrumental in proposing and purchasing a video production system for the Fire Department in an effort to increase training efficiency and reduce costs. He has a strong background in Adult Education, and has given presentations and lectures to hundreds of diverse groups. He is familiar with Avid DV and produced a number of interactive video training programs prior to his retirement in 2002. He is currently working on a number of video and musical projects, especially those involving nature and the northern parts of Ontario. John is interested in using Band in a Box to provide background music for videos.

Jim Cox

Jim Cox    Jim Cox is a founding professor in the Media Arts program of Sheridan College, Oakville. He has a B.S. in Communications (Film) from Boston University, and an M.B.A. from York University in Arts & Media Management. At Sheridan he taught courses in film production, history and theory, and was responsible for the Media Arts audio and sound design curriculum. After 32 years of teaching he retired in 2003. He is currently working on a microphone patent and projects in mini-DV.

Jim’s Subject - Continuity: what they didn’t teach you in Film 101.

If you understand principles of master scene and triple-take continuity you can shoot footage that almost edits itself. We’ll look at classic mise-en-scene, elements of action, camera positioning, and physical, spatial and temporal continuity. Whether you do drama or documentary, shooting with continuity in mind will give you the most options for dynamic sequences in editing.

Chris Doty

[image]   Chris Doty is a London, Ontario, Documentary maker, who wears so many hats – writer, historian, filmmaker, producer, playwright, theatre critic and reporter, movie reviewer, webmaster, and more, that we have decided to reprint the contents of his “About Us” Page of his web site, Doty Docs. We invite you to visit the site and follow the many links, including those about various projects, interests, and a bio on this powerhouse that appeared in the London Free Press.

Doty Docs was founded in 1995 by Christopher Doty, a London, Ontario - based documentary producer and casual (2001). They have earned Doty Docs a total of six provincial and national awards.

Chris' skills as a researcher can be seen in CBC Television's Guy Lombardo: When We Danced (1998) and in the commemorative book Fifty Years of Music: The Story of EMI Music Canada (1999). He has also been active in film restoration, bringing forgotten Canadian films and documentaries back to the public's attention. These have included Here Will I Nest (1942), The Turkey Point Witch Project (1962) and Guy Lombardo: A Royal Canadian (1977).

In addition to maintaining his own Web site ( Chris has recently produced a feature documentary on the history of CFPL Television. He has restored the only known print of Canada's first feature-length colour movie and has produced a series of historical minutes for both The New PL and Rogers Television. Other recent projects include The Jack Chambers Film Project, a lengthy series of historical minutes for Rogers Television and the production of video installations for Museum London, Banting House Historic Site and the City of London.

Chris is currently working on a feature documentary that will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the London Knights hockey club and a book on hangings in Ontario.

A child of the 1960s - he was born an hour before Star Trek premiered on television - Chris obtained a degree from the University of Western Ontario's journalism because, as he explained, "I'd rather write about other's people's stories than make up my own." However, the call of history proved too strong and Chris has stubbornly refused to move into the 21st century ever since.

In addition to his work in film and video, Chris is active in the London-area theatre scene, having written a script for a new play, The Donnelly Trial while researching another, Citizen Marc on political activist Marc Emery. Both will be performed during 2005. Chris is also a co-founder of the Brickenden Awards for theatrical excellence.

Chris lives in a charming bungalow in south London, Ontario which is filled to the gables with archival material and Doris Day records.

This summer the Londoner carried an article about Chris, by Bob Benedict, which is reprinted here, with permission.

London’s Chris Doty is many things – writer, producer, historian and filmmaker. He is also, like many other artists, impassioned and driven to produce his art. ‘I am tenacious,’ he says, describing himself. “It is one thing to have an idea; the other is to make it real. I want it to work and I want to make it succeed.”

Always looking for an angle in his work, he found one in his newest production, The Donnelly Trial, which opens in London June 28. It is a dramatization of one of Canada’s most famous murder trials, which was held at the Old Courthouse on Ridout St. 125 years ago. Lots has been done on the Donnelly’s and their feuds with neighbours in the Lucan area. What hasn’t been done, Mr. Doty says, was the trial itself – the angle.

The Donnelly Trial is only the latest in a string of historic documentaries that Mr. Doty has created in the past decade, making him one of the city’s most prolific filmmakers with a growing national reputation. Success and this level of recognition does not happen over night, it comes from a lot of hard work and determination.

 “I’ve been doing documentaries since 1991 when I got out of university (UWO journalism). I’m interested in the big story, painting on a big canvas.

“Almost every good documentary came out of chaos. The first was the Mark Emery story in ’92. What happened there, I was working in Simcoe, Thompson papers had a series of cutbacks, and I got axed so I was back in London when I read that Mark Emery (notorious in London for battling marijuana laws) was leaving Canada so I decided to do a documentary on him. I knew a subject like that wasn’t going to leave anybody indifferent.

“I was getting letters of praise and anger but it got me noticed by Merle Zoerb (vice president of programming) at MacLean Hunter, a wonderful man. He gave me a documentary on the founder of the company. That led to a few other documentaries, which culminated in my first historical documentary on Slippery.”

The film on Slippery, Storybook Gardens’ seal that jumped the wall and swam to Toledo, came out in September 1995 but it had no press coverage or community tie-in.

“I learned that it’s not enough to have a good idea,” Mr. Doty says. “You need something to tie it into what’s going on.”

The next crisis came in 1996 when his girlfriend at the time “broke my heart in Ross Park. While walking my dog to clear my head, my dog fell in the river, which prompted me to do a piece on the flood of 1937.

“This time I was a bit smarter. It premiered on the 60th anniversary of the disaster. If you could call it luck, the Red River in Manitoba flooded (April 1997) so the media was all over it, so it was a big success. It’s the documentary that I am best known for.

“It created a series of opportunities for me including Vagabonds and Visionaries, a 90-minute documentary on the history of London, and A Great Day for London on the royal visit of 1939. It’s the ultimate in Chris Doty Documentaries. It was about one hour in the history of London on June 7, 1939. The amount of detail was overwhelming, I’m still very proud of it.”

The next defining moment was “when I took an RCMP job (it lasted 5 months). They let me go and I had just purchased a house, so I got on the phone. I had this Grand Theatre documentary on the back burner and realized I had to get going. That’s when I realized that anything was possible as long as you love what you’re doing and there’s a gun to your head.

“It was a pivotal point. It was probably the last interview Hume Cronyn ever did. It also introduced me to the theatre scene in London. It’s when I met people like Jeff Culbert (who is directing The Donnelly Trial). It led to some volunteer work like theatre reviews for his website and the Brickenden Awards.

“I co-founded the awards with Jeff Culbert and Sean Wilson. My contribution was one, I thought of the name after Catharine Brickenden who was a London-born playwright, producer, actor and director who lived her whole life here, and two, in organizing and bringing people together.

“I’ve often thought about producing and living in London, I really think of London as an arts incubator where artists can take their work elsewhere.”

“I’ve never really thought of myself as making a grand contribution to the City of London until recently. I really want to do something that is lasting and permanent, to lay a foundation for something bigger so that someone else can come along and improve upon it as opposed to the constant re-inventing of the wheel.

“You have to love what you are doing because there are lots of obstacles and disappointments without much (financial) return.”


·         Green and Gold: 40 Seasons of the London Knights, for Rogers Television, 2005

·         The Jack Chambers Film Project, for Museum London, 2004

·         Rewind: 50 Years of Local Television, for The New PL, 2003

·         Talbot of Canada, for Museum London, 2003

·         Let’s Go to the Grand, 2002

·         Guy Lombardo: A Royal Canadian, for The New PL, 2002

·         Guelph: City of Opportunity, for Rogers Television, 2001

·         A Great Day for London, for the Royal Canadian Regiment, CIVA Communications, Rogers Television and the Canada Millennium Partnership Program, 2000

·         Vagabonds and Visionaries: The London Story, for Rogers Television, 1998

·         Lost April: The Flood of ’37, 1997

·         Slippery, 1995

·         Marc Emery: Messing Up the System, for Maclean Hunter Television, 1992

·      The Palace Theatre, for Maclean Hunter Television, 1991
  David Findlay

David Findlay  David Findlay is a producer and composer with an international career in film and television. David is currently in production on the feature film The Order of One , an action/martial arts film. Last year he was associate producer and composed the musical score for the feature Recon 2020 , an action/science fiction film. He has scored many feature films, MOW’s and television programs. In addition to composing the music for the independent film The Artists in 2005, he composed the score for The Tunnel , directed by Daniel Baldwin, and Life in the Balance with Bo Derek and Bruce Boxleitner. David was also music supervisor and co-composer for the Canada/Spain co-production East of the Compass . He scored the weekly television series Student Bodies (Telescene/Fox) and Dark Dreamers for Critical Mass Productions.

David has worked in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and England as a musician, composer, recording engineer and music producer for over twenty-five years. He holds Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from McGill University, and has played, recorded, written and arranged music for numerous recordings, jingles and live theatre productions.

Features and MOW’s:

Obstruction of Justice  1996 (Blackwatch, Ron Hulme, dir; starring Sara Botsford

Dead Innocent ("Impasse") 1997( Blackwatch Communications, Sara Botsford, dir; starring Genevieve Bujold and Graham Greene .

Probability Zero 1997( Crusader Films, Jay Krishan, dir .)

The Hunter 1998 (Promo Film- Blackwatch, William Mariani, producer )

Short For Nothing   1999( Open Door Productions, Sionah Ankrah, dir.) Starring Chris Makepeace and Jonathan Scarfe

Captive 1998 ( Blackwatch/IFM, Roger Cardinal, dir; starring Michael Ironside and Erika Eleniak )

Dead Silent 1998( Blackwatch /Saban, Roger Cardinal, dir. starring Rob Lowe and Catherine Mary Stewart)

Artificial Lies 1999( Blackwatch/ Saban, Rodney Gibbons, dir; starring Jack Wagner and Daphne Zuniga)

Nowhere in Sight 2000 ( Blackwatch/Saban, Douglas Jackson, dir., starring Andrew McCarthy and Helen Slater)

Tunnel 2000 (Critical Mass,   Daniel Baldwin, director; starring Daniel Baldwin and Kim Coates)

The Gift 2001 ( Windhorse Entertainment, Dominique Luchart, director )

Adding to the Tree 2001 (short film) written by Pete MacCormack; starring Olivia Williams and Paul Bettany

Life in the Balance 2001( Blackwatch /Saban, Adam Weissman, dir; starring Bo Derek and Bruce Boxleitner)

Weekend   2002 opening title. ( Disney, starring Eric Roberts )

Samhain 2003 ( Warehouse Productions, William Mariani, Peter Emerson, executive producers) starring Richard Grieko, Ginger Lynn Allen

The Red Bike 2003 (short film) directed my Marina DiPancrazio

Adam and Eve and Steve 2004 (short film) directed by Ryan Keller

Recon 2020 2004 (feature) directed by Christian Viel)

The Artists 2005 (feature) directed by Michael Lee-Chin .


Student Bodies 1999-2000 ( Telescene/ FOX; Michael Klinghoffer, Judy Spencer and   Alan Silverberg,   producers )   11 episodes: Double Date, Victor Moves In, The Teacher, Romeo’s Old Friend, The Gay Friend, The Blow Up, The Junior Prom, The Triangle, Dead Men Don’t Go to Edison, The Reunion, After High School.

Dark Dreamers ( Critical Mass/Darkscape Entertainment ) Stephen Maynard, producer ; hosted by Stanley Wiatter . (Opening and closing theme, bumpers and score; 26 episodes)...fall 2000- spring 2002

The Power Station (Braemar Entertainment, 2002)

Corporate Clients:

Canadian Tire , RBC Royal Bank -   music for numerous video and multi-media presentations. RBC branding logo music.

Dave Kernohan, Senior Technical Service Rep., and
Alexis Walsh, Marketing Manager, iMation Canada Inc.

3M Company introduced the first commercial magnetic recording tape in 1945. They continued to dominate the industry with the introduction of video tape in 1956. As a result of restructuring in 1995, 3M announced it would launch its printing and publishing, data storage and imaging systems businesses as an independent, publicly owned company. Thus, "iMation" was created to sell and promote a new line of optical and magnetic storage products. Alexis Walsh & David Kernohan

Alexis Walsh, who served in several marketing positions with 3M, is Marketing Manager of iMation Canada Inc. David Kernohan, who started with 3M in the "Magnetic Products Division", is now Senior Technical Service Representative for the complete line of "iMation" products. Together they will introduce several products of interest to video makers.

  • Disc StakkaDisc Stakka
    The Disc Stakka™ unit is an automated carousel that stores, protects and retrieves your optical discs including data CDs, DVDs, music and game discs. Each Disc Stakka unit holds up to 100 discs and connects to your computer via USB for power and data. You can stack units up to five high to create a tower that holds up to 500 discs without requiring additional cabling or desk space.

  • "ForceField" CD and DVD Media
    iMation CD write-once discs with proprietary ForceField™ Protective Coating add a unique, thin polymer layer of protection on the recording side — guarding against most everyday wear and tear that can interrupt maximum enjoyment of music, photo and videos.

  • Lightscribe MediaLightScribe CD and DVD Media
    LightScribe is a new technology that offers consumers and businesses a simple, hassle-free way to burn professional, silkscreen-quality labels for their CDs and DVDs. Using the same laser that burns data in your disc drive, with a LightScribe-enabled drive you can burn data as normal, turn the disc over, reinsert it into the drive and burn a label.  

  • USB2 Flash Memory

  • iMation USB 2.0 Flash Devices
    These unique lightweight drives can quickly and easily transfer, share and store almost any digital information, including photos, video and audio clips, Web sites and business documents.

  • 2 Gig Micro HardriveiMation Micro Hard Drive
    MICRO on the outside! GIGA in the inside! Available in 2GB capacity, this incredibly portable drive makes transferring and sharing documents, presentations, photos or music easy and fast. Its unique design features a flexible USB 2.0 connector that locks back into the drive, forming a handy attachment clip for briefcases, backpacks or belt loops.
Peter Rist  

Peter Rist   Dr. Peter Rist is a Professor of Film Studies in the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University in Montreal.

  Born in Croydon, England in 1943, he later studied mechanical engineering with the Ford Motor Company, and in 1965 emigrated to Canada. For four years in the 1970s, he worked with CUSO in the Leeward Islands at the St. Vincent Technical College, teaching mathematics.

   On his return he studied film at Concordia and in 1977 went to New York University, were he got his PhD. He got his “dream job” in Film Studies at Concordia when he was hired in 1989.
Peter Rist became seriously interested in African-based cultures during his stay in the Caribbean, and while at NYU, he studied Brazilian and Third World cinema.

  His other research interest at this time was American silent film and he
used to collect 16mm films. He loves teaching, and has developed curriculum in history areas, including Chinese, Cuban, Brazilian and Canadian film. Recently, his research interests have shifted to East Asian cinemas, and he has read papers on Asian cinema at conferences in North America and Asia.

Peter has edited books on Canadian and South American Cinema and written numerous articles on Asian Cinema (including China, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan) for journals such as CINEACTION, CINEMAYA, ASIAN CINEMA, SEQUENCES, and 24 IMAGES, He recently contributed two essays on Korean films to the Japan/Korean volume in the British book series, 24 Frames , and contributes regularly to the online journal, OffScreen.

He has recently written a chapter for a book on landscape and film, and he will be delivering related papers at conferences in London (Ontario), Beijing/Shanghai and Tokyo this summer. He is currently co-authoring DVDs of two Canadian films from the 1960s, directed by Larry Kent, a project supported by Heritage Canada.

His major pre-occupation is with a history (or "histories") of film style, and, in line with his teaching a course on the "Moving Camera Aesthetic," he is planning to produce a DVD-Rom on camera movement that could plot the stylistic history of camera movement.

Peter Rist brings us an unusually wide perspective on film, and we can expect a unique presentation touching on a broad selection of topics.


  • Convention Registrations must be received by September 15 th .

  • SCCA Members will find a Convention Registration Form, with a Proxy on the reverse side, and an addressed envelope included in the Fall issue of PANORAMA. If, and only if, their Membership Fees are in arrears, they will also find a Membership Renewal Form.

  • Members who will not be able to attend the Convention (and therefore the AGM), are asked to PLEASE fill in and mail the Proxy in the accompanying envelope immediately, and if they received a Membership Renewal Form, to please included that form also, filled in, with their Membership Fee.

  • SCCA Membership is not required in order to attend the convention.

  • SCCA Members and nonmembers alike who do intend to attend the Convention, in whole or in part, are asked to complete and mail your Convention Registration, along with the Convention Registration Fee, as soon as possible. Members please remember that IT WOULD BE WISE TO FILL IN THE PROXY even if they do plan to attend, as sometimes things don’t go as planned!

  • Convention Registration Forms are also available here on the SCCA Web site. Please mail them, along with Convention Registration Fees, to the SCCA Secretary:
          Carolyn Briggs
          3 Wardrope Avenue S.
          Stoney Creek,    ON
          L8G 1R9      Canada.
   Convention Fees
  • Ticket for the CIAFF Presentation on Saturday evening will be sold to the Public at $12 each.

  • The Convention Registration Fee will be $30 per person, with a $10 reduction for spouses, making it $50 per couple.

  • There will be a $5 Deduction for Individual and Family Members of the SCCA, reducing the cost for an individual member to $25, $45 for a couple if one is an SCCA Individual Member, or $40 for a couple who have an SCCA Family Membership.

  • The Convention Registration Fee includes Admission to the Saturday evening CIAFF Presentation.

  • There are no meals included with the Registration Fee, and there are no "daily" Registration Fees.

  • The optional Saturday Evening Buffet will cost $25.94, including Taxes and Tip, and be paid at the Port Stanley Wharf Banquet Hall. On Saturday we will telephone in a reservation for the number attending.