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for Amateur, Student, and Professional Film and Video Makers


If you live near one of our Member Clubs,
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Moviemakers are certainly "People Who Need People". Joining a club provides many opportunities to receive (and give) help and instruction, learn from viewing the completed films or videos of other members, exhibit your own work to benefit from the comments and opinions of others, enter club film or video making competitions, enjoy the advantages of networking with men and women of various ages and degrees of experience in a common interest, and (of special signifigance to those of us who live in cyberspace) the chance to socialize with real people with broad interests, at least one of which we share. 

Many of our Member Clubs offer Speakers from the professional field, cooperative group video productions, workshops, regular mini-contests,  and field trips, excursions, picnics, Christmas Parties, etc.  All hold regular meetings and at least one Annual Contest, with Awards Presented at an Annual Banquet, and offer the best meeting place in  town for people who like to make holiday, travel, event, nature, documentary, instructional, animation, or story films or videos.