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London, Ontario, August 8th-9th

Revised and Updated August 3, 1999

University of Western Ontario

 Plan now to attend the 1999 SCCA Convention, which will be co-hosted by the London Videography Club, in London, Ontario, on Sunday and Monday, August 8th, and 9th. The Sunday activities will be held in the 150 seat Theatre of the London Regional Arts and Historical Museums (LRAHM), The Monday program will be held in the 381 seat McKellar Room, which operates in the evening as Theatre Western showing 35mm commercial films, on the campus of the University of Western Ontario.

  While we have to rent these rooms and the charges must be covered by the Registration Fee, we are holding convention costs down in several ways. There will be no hotel associated with the convention and the program will be scheduled to minimize the number of nights most people will need to stay in a hotel of their choice in the price range they prefer.

 Sunday at the Art Museum

London Regional Art and Historical Museums
  Registration (and Coffee) will open at 10:00 on Sunday morning, and the Annual General Meeting will be held at 11:00 a.m., allowing time for people from South Western Ontario to the Golden Horseshoe to arrive that morning. There will be no banquet, but there will be an optional lunch served in the Art Museum at noon. The Lunch will be provided without added charge for pre-registered SCCA Members who attend both days and also attend the AGM.

  The Speaker Program will begin at 1:00 p.m. and we will break for supper at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday evening . Delegates will be free to choose any downtown restaurant in the vicinity, and those who wish can join us at the Great West Steak House  for dinner, not far from the Art Museum.

  We will reconvene in the theatre at 7:00 p.m. for the presentation of any SCCA Honours that may be awarded, the presentation of the Awards for the SCCA Annual Competition, and the screening of the winning films and videos. The program will adjourn at 10:00 p.m., enabling some who must work Monday to get home Sunday night, with no hotel bill at all.
    NOTE:  PARKING at the gallery is metered but there are many on-street metered spots which are NOT enforced on Sunday.  Across the road on Queen's Ave., opposite the NEW courthouse, is an unattended private parking lot which dispenses tickets @ $2 for the whole day.

        Monday at the University

University Community CentreThe Monday Program at the McKellar Room/Theatre Western in the University Community Centre at the University of Western Ontario will begin at 10:00 a.m. with Speakers and videos, and end at 5:00 p.m. Parking at the University costs $2.00 per hour, to a $8.00 maximum per day, but those who arrive early enough will find free parking at the Huron College Parking Lot  (see Western Parking Services: Clickable Map ) within easy walking distance of the University Community Centre. Delegate will be on their own for lunch, and the inexpensive University Cafeteria downstairs from the Theatre is suggested. The 5:00 p.m. closing will allow many delegates to return home Monday evening, making another night’s stay in a hotel unnecessary.

For those coming from farther afield and arriving Saturday, there will be an optional trip to the IMAX Theatre at the Western FairgroundsWe will be meeting at the theatre no later than 7:30 PM for a double feature. The first film, at 8:00 PM, will be " T-Rex, Back to the Cretaceous". The second feature, at 9:00 PM will be "Everest". (For those who may have been looking forward to it, the previously anticipated "L5, First City in Space" will be shown in the afternoon at 2:00 and 4:00 PM.) If twenty or more attend we will qualify for a group rate of $8.50 for the double feature. If fewer attend the admission will be $10.00 per person.


   We have assembled a varied mix of top notch Speakers with wide experience in the worlds of amateur video, event video, and freelance video, broadcast TV, holding many awards, including several Emmys and an Oscar! Some will have tips you can apply to your own projects. Some will explain complicated technical topics in an easy to understand way. And some will provide entertaining anecdotes from personal associations with people like Ivan Rietman, Dave Thomas and Martin Short in their early days.

  We regret to announce that Colin Chilvers has been forced to cancel his appearance on short notice because of the production schedule for a film on which he is currently directing the Special Effects in Toronto.

    We'll also have demonstrations of a startling Music Mixing Program for the PC and another that will compose new music in the style and tempo of your choice, complete with intro, chords, melody, arrangement and solo improvisations, several new SONY digital camcorders, digital editing on the MacIntosh G3, and two video editing boards and their software. We'll also be introducing a brand new stand-alone nonlinear editing system from California which,  to the best of our knowledge, has not previously been shown in Canada and is just about ready to ship.

    You can find more details about our Speakers, and see a rough draught of the Program, by clicking on Speakers and Program. Please note that there will be additional items not shown on the Program that will be inserted into the schedule as time is available.


  Registration Fees will be held to a minimum with a basic fee of $20 per day. For those who preregister before July 23, 1999, there will be a reduced fee of $30 for both days combined. The cost of the Optional Sunday Lunch in the Art Museum will be $10 per person, paid with registration. For SCCA Members in Good Standing who preregister for both days and attend the AGM the charge for the Sunday Lunch will be waived.

  As there won’t be another issue of PANORAMA before the Convention, we must take unusual measures. During the month of July, every SCCA member will receive up-to-date Convention information including a Speaker List, Program Schedule, Registration Form, and information about London, and a voting proxy for those who will not be able to attend the Annual General Meeting. Also included will be a Return envelope, for either the proxy or the Registration Form, which must be received back by July 23. But attendance won't be limited to SCCA Members. Guests will be welcome! For those with access to the Internet, watch this site where we will add information as it becomes available, including maps, accommodations, Speakers’ bios, links, etc.